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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a dress code policy?
Holy Savior School does not require the wearing of uniforms. We do have a School Pride outfit, which consists of dark blue colored shirt, khaki pants (or shorts, when permitted), and an option for a pleated skirt for our young ladies. The School Pride outfit is worn when the school attends mass, goes on a field trip, and as otherwise designated by the principal. We believe that a student who is appropriately dressed creates a positive atmosphere for learning, so there is an extensive policy on what is acceptable to wear to school. The full policy is found in our student handbook. The principal is responsible for the enforcement of this policy and may require a parent to bring in a change of clothes for a lack of compliance.

My family is not Catholic; can my child attend Holy Savior School?
We welcome families of all religious faiths and backgrounds to Holy Savior School. Our sense of mission is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Religion is taught on each grade level, and the importance of faith based values is a part of everything that is experienced at school. The children attend weekly mass and other religious activities on occasion, and are instructed how to participate in light of their non-Catholic background. The teachers and staff do not seek to convert students or their families to Catholicism. We are most eager to work with non-Catholic families to help them to understand our mission and to make them comfortable in our school. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Barbara Pelletier at the school.

Do you have an athletic program?
We do not sponsor any athletic teams to represent our school; nor do we have a gymnasium. We do believe strongly in the physical development of our students and offer physical education classes to all grade levels, utilizing our outside playgrounds, multi-purpose room and the parish hall. In addition, Holy Savior students are eligible to play on their sending community's public school teams. We have several students who played soccer and were on the ski team. We make accommodation in the school day for these students to attend away games and meets. Transportation may be the responsibility of the parents, depending on the circumstances of that sport and the bussing policy of the public school.

Do you have a hot lunch program?
We have a contract with RSU 10 to provide a hot lunch option for the school day. If Holy Savior School is in session and the public school is not, you will be given adequate warning to bring a bag lunch, though the pastor has been known to buy pizza for the school on these days. A monthly food menu is communicated, and families are welcomed to choose the days they desire hot lunch. For families who qualify according to federal guidelines, reduced or free lunches are available. All students are able to purchase milk for their meals.

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