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Grants and Aid

Each year the School Board and Parish Finance Committee strive to keep the tuition at Holy Savior School as low as possible without sacrificing the excellence of our programs. The actual cost of educating your child is much higher than the tuition we charge. The generous support of the Parish of the Holy Savior and the tireless work of parents, alumni and friends of the school in fundraising helps us to offer one of the lowest tuitions of any Catholic School in Maine. In effect, each student receives a scholarship when they attend our school! Still, we recognize that some families may need additional financial assistance to enjoy the quality education that we provide. There are several options open to families.

Direct Grants: During the registration process, families in need are asked to fill out a request for financial assistance through the FACTS program. The company then sends a report to the pastor verifying need and a recommendation for a grant. Once all requests are processed, the pastor and principal will determine grants based on the money available in the budget.

Scrip Program: The scrip program is described more fully elsewhere on our website. Basically, we are offering half of the profit through the sale of these gift cards to be applied to a student's account. Therefore, extended family and friends can designate your child to be a recipient of this opportunity. Over the course of a year, a significant amount of money can be dedicated to your child's education by simply purchasing items and services you already use by means of Scrip cards. Participation in the program also provides additional resources for the school to keep prices lower.

Discretionary Assistance: At times, a benefactor will come forward and make a gift to the school to be used as the Pastor or Principal deems appropriate. These funds, when available, are used for families who experience a change in their lives that negatively impact their ability to fulfill their tuition obligations. These requests can be made throughout the year directly to our pastor, Fr. Greg Dube.

Benefactors: Many times there are people and organizations that are interested in the education of children. Grandparents, other family members, churches, civic organizations, or places of work have resources available and only need to be asked.

Merit Scholarships: As we build our endowment, our hope is to be able to offer scholarships based on the academic achievements of students. This option is not available yet.

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