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Benefits of a Holy Savior Catholic School Education

You don't have to be Catholic to benefit from a Holy Savior Catholic School education. If you desire “something more,” we believe Holy Savior Catholic School is a compelling and affordable choice for an education that uniquely offers:

1. A Catholic Perspective – a Catholic education is not so much an education for Catholics as it is an education from a Catholic perspective. The Catholic world-view offers a rich, broad, expansive understanding of the human person created in the image and likeness of God and called to a deeply personal communion with their Creator and each other. We teach our students to recognize that everything, including their education, is both a gift and a responsibility to be shared.

2. Small Size – Good things come in small packages! Holy Savior Catholic Schools places the emphasis on quality over quantity. The size of our student population allows us to be flexible in our educational approach and activities. It allows for greater attention to be given to individual students. It makes possible the building of meaningful and fruitful relationships in the classroom as well as outside in the local community.

3. Blending of Tradition and 21st Century Learning – The Catholic Church has been successfully educating young people for millennia. Holy Savior Catholic School has a 100+ year history of excellence in education. There is a genius and wisdom to Catholic education. Yet, we are constantly looking to improve our educational models and strategies. We have seen exciting results from combining blended learning technology with project based experiential learning.

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